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Nigeria’s first inclusive compendium of companies sustainability performance
2020 CSIR Cover
Why read the CSIR?
A compelling resource for business managers, investors, academia and students

Our reports empowers consumers, NGOs, analysts, local and international stakeholders, and students to enable them make informed decisions about companies they interact with, including knowledge about their social investments, attitude to employees, progress and approach to the triple bottom line and for easy access to information during research.

Also, companies can take advantage of these reports to self-evaluate their own performance as well as improve on their CSR activities.

For every report, indicators are directed towards policy concerns and they point towards successful outcomes and conclusions for policy
Spotlight Initiatives
We highlight the activities of each company that show their approach to sustainability, corporate social responsibility focus and project achievements
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Sector Analysis
We ensure we carry out quantitative and qualitative analysis on data gathered from various organisations and try to prepare an unbiased ranking of these organisations based on their involvement in CSR

The Reports

The CSIR aims to showcase social accountability practices/impact of companies in Nigeria and present the sustainability approach of companies in line with their workplace policies, community development projects and approach to environmental sustainability.

2012 main report
The 2012 Report
Endorsed by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the 2012 CSIR points to the benevolence of corporate organisations and governments in partnership with civil society counterparts in the area of providing ...
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2013 main report
The 2013 Report
The 3C-Index was introduced into the report in 2013 to rank performance against industry and best practise standards. In that stead, businesses have to be responsible, whether by choice or rule, to remain relevant and sustainable in the ever changing global economy.
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2014 main report
The 2014 Report
The 2014 report provides a more robust encyclopedia of corporate strategies adopted by companies in the drive for sustainability. Highlighting notable improvements in sustainability measures undertaken by Nigerian companies, we discovered that Nigeria is on a steady track to economic vitality...
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2020 CSIR Cover
The 2020 Report
The 2020 CSIR, endorsed by the Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment, and supported by Global Rights and Open Society Foundation, provides stakeholders with transparent and detailed information on the activities of companies that have a significant impact on its wider environment, and could substantially influence public perceptions and decisions.
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With over 200 organisations featured in all reports, discover how organisations performed in each compilation of the corporate social responsibility and social investment initiatives in Nigeria.

CSIR Target Audience



The CSIR encourages participation in and accurate reporting of sustainability practices by organisations in Nigeria through peer-based performance rankings

The CSIR is the first ever widely disseminated and inclusive compendium which covers all sustainability activities all over Nigeria every year, inclusive of indigenous businesses, multinationals, governments and multi-lateral partnerships, and is modelled after international reports on sustainable investment.

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