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The CSIR aims to showcase social accountability practices/impact of companies in Nigeria and presents the sustainability approach of companies in line with their workplace policies, community development projects and approach to environmental sustainability
The Corporate Sustainable Investor Report (CSIR) is the first and only comprehensive report on Corporate Sustainability in Nigeria

The Corporate Sustainable Investor Report (CSIR) is a 9 year-old multi-stakeholder developed report – led by the CSR-in-Action Advocacy technical team – that researches and discloses the sustainability activities of companies in Nigeria. It is designed to be a one-stop shop for summarised information on companies’ practices in environmental, social and governance activities that impact bottom line in the immediate or long term. It is the first of its kind in Nigeria and the region, which takes into primary cognisance, the local business milieu in Nigeria and Africa at large.

  • 01.The CSIR was launched at the 17th Nigerian Economic Summit in 2011
  • 02.The CSIR encourages participation in and accurate reporting of sustainability practices by organisations in Nigeria through peer-based performance rankings
  • 03.The CSIR presents the sustainability approach of companies in line with their workplace policies, social responsibility and environmental sustainability
  • 04.A compelling resource for investors, business managers, academia and students.

The CSIR comes at a unique & opportune time in history for the private sector & especially those within companies responsible for planning & executing Corporate Social Responsibility measures & projects.

Christiana Figueres | Executive Secretary, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
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The CSIR Objectives

Our vision is to be the one-stop report for analytical and material sustainability data for companies of all sizes
Provide investors with a one-stop data bank of measurable non-financial information on businesses in Nigeria
Assist investors in making informed investments decisions using the total-mix of financial and non-financial information
Encourage the adoption of sustainability practices across businesses in Nigeria
Assess sustainability risks and opportunities inherent to investment decisions
Enable peer to peer performance ranking within and amongst sectors
Provide standardised reporting metric for material issues within and amongst sectors

CSIR over the years

The 2012 CSIR
CSR-in-Action released the premier CSIR which was endorsed by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the report was launched at the 17th Nigerian Economic Summit in Abuja. A total of 98 organisations was represented in this compendium of which 69 private sector companies was reviewed.
The 2013 CSIR
In 2013, the 3C-Index was introduced into the report, a performance index to measure and rank organisations according to their sustainability performance, against industry and best practise standards. A total of 92 private sector companies was reviewed in the 2013 report.
The 2014 CSIR
The aim of the 2014 CSIR was to show how Nigeria’s sustainability approach and performance has change over the course of time as illustrated by the actions of Nigeria's leading companies. A total of 59 companies across 7 sectors (to ensure a more qualitative report) was reviewed in the 2014 report.
The 2020 CSIR
The 2020 CSIR provides stakeholders with transparent and detailed information on the activities of companies that have a significant impact on its wider environment, and could substantially influence public perceptions and decisions.

Frameworks used to benchmark CSIR

The Socially Responsible Investment Index of Johannesburg Stock Exchange seeks to foster good corporate citizneship and promote sustainable development.
Robeco SAM logo
RobecoSAM is an investment specialist organisation focused exclusively on sustainability investing, responsible for assessing companies based on sustainability.
The Business in the Community (BITC), one of The Prince's Charities, provides insight into how leading companies are driving responsible business practise.
The FTSE Group
The FTSE Group of London Stock Exchanege plays an active role in all major regional sustainable investment industry associations.
For the FTSE4Good Index series, companies are assessed based on environmental, social and governance criteria
Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters is a global source of intelligent information for business and professionals. ASSET4 manages the ratings, which provide objective, relevant amd systematic environmental, social and governance information on companies.
Global Reporting Initiative
The Global Reporting Initiative is an international non-profit organization that pioneered and developed a comprehensive sustainability reporting framework widely used around the world.

Shinning a spotlight on companies that are leading the soial responsibility & sustainability movement in Nigeria – as the Collective Social Investor Report: Nigeria 2013 does – is an important way to reward pioneers & inspire best practise.

Wayne Visser | Founder, CSR International
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